Sunday, June 26, 2005

full circle...

When you adopt the viewpoint that all that exists within your circle of life is nothing but another part of you; when you come to the conclusion that there is no one who exists, who is not a part of you; you will wisely extend to yourself an unconditional love that will be...


i spent this weekend re-connecting with an old refreshing.

this morning i was reflecting on the people in my life, old and new. it's funny. i have this insane need to express my feelings to people in the moment i am feeling them. why? because i never want anyone in my life to ever wonder. if i were to die tomorrow, those close to me would know that i loved them, and that's important to me. so, for people who are just starting to build relationships with me and getting to know me, they can be overwhelmed and sometimes a little uneasy with the "i love you" or the "you're awesome and i wanted to let you know that".

i draw 90% my energy from being connected with these i share spirit/energy with. when i don't get to interact with these energies for a while, i feel disconnected, drained and alone. usually this break in connection is my fault. being the taurus that i am, i can be super self-absorbed and oblivious to anything besides what's in my momentary view. i neglect this person because i am hanging with that person. i don't like that. it's not really the quality of a good friend. it does, however, re-affirm how amazing my friends are because they love me even with those nasty qualities that i possess. so, i need to get to work. which for me means writing letters, emails and leaving phone messages; and in most of those cases, just saying "i love you...".

i feel better. my universe is balanced out because the people that i love know how much they feed my well-being. how much they are apart of my survival. how much i love them.

i am at peace.

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