Wednesday, June 1, 2005

new wave...

new wave little piece of heaven on earth. the opening of new wave signifies the start of summer in least for me. my favorite flavor is georgia peach. it's a peach snow-cone with strawberry through the center a little hint of tart for the tang. mmmmm...gooood.

as it, very slowly, warms up here in northern california...i find myself restless. how will i know when summer is here? are balls of ice filled with sugary yumminess a southern thing? where have all the snow-cones gone?

i am so used to the texas heat (dry and blatant) that i feel a little awkward still having to wearing a jacket in june. is summer around the corner? it's like...wait for it, wait for it...ok, go go go! the heat here is different. there's more wind in the air. that's a change. i remember being in west texas driving the corona, that has no air or tinted windows. it was like a moving sauna and the only wind you got was when you stuck your head out of the window while driving....those were the days.

i've been to the beach quite a few times lately and it's facinating to me. it's still cool (around 70), but people still go in the ocean. why? the water is super chilly! mom would say "don't go in there, you'll catch a cold!" but yet there they are...all these cool californians catching waves. interesting...

so, ode to summer! i guess i will have to just wait it out. you're coming...right? i haven't missed you have i?

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