Friday, August 5, 2005

oh my soul...

I am sitting here listening to my praise and worship mix and I just love it! It takes me back to my days of singing backup for GCM with Becky, banging to Jesus Freak at church camp with my OVBC crew, and going to Grace Bible study listening to Jeff Berry lead worship and Matt Chandler give an always amazing sermon.

Most of you know that I used to be a strong follower of Christ and throughout it all, the most beautiful connection that I found with God, was through music. When I was singing, it was me and He. Even thought I don't consider myself a Christian anymore, that journey was a major influential part of my life. A jump start if I may. Its interesting; so many people bound themselves to these rules/laws of religion , and thats ok if that works for you. It was definitely something that I needed at that time and am very appreciate for. I believe that your relationship with your high power is between the two of you. As for me, I prefer to allow myself to be unbound. To be open to all the spiritual experiences that the universe has for me. To allow myself the freedom of belief. So, as I sit here listening to "Refuge", a beautiful love song to God, I allow myself to be touched in this plane of spiritual reality, as deeply as I was in my past one.

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