Sunday, March 22, 2009

lots of docs...

soooo, in my effort to spend absolutely NO money this weekend, i did quite a bit of homie house jumpin'. good stuff. saturday afternoon i ended up at allison's house. she and i have recently chatted over our love for the public library. it really is the best place in the world. you can rent movies, get practically any book you want to read, use the internet and sit for hours in silence without being bothered with all your goodies. for free! aaaaaaaand, if they don't have what you want, they'll mail it in from another branch. it's like entertainment to go. yes please, and thank you.

as a producer, when she says she's rented some interesting documentaries, i say yes. and this little trip proved me OH so correct. so here are two docs i highly recommend you see:

1) the jimi hendrix experience: oh my goodness. this is pretty much a taping of a concert in monterey, ca. the doc opens with a random man who seems to be totally lit up on something creating this Amazing mural of jimi on a random street ally wall. it them eases into the concert.

words cannot explain the geniousness of his performance. therefore i won't even try.

get it. got it? good.

2) manda bala (send a bullet): first of all, this film has been banned from brazil. that should tell you something.

manda bala is a new documentary about corruption in brazil. going beyond brazil’s sun-drenched beaches this documentary explores the connections between government corruption and the kidnapping industry in sao paolo. through stunning imagery the doc weaves the interviews of kidnap victims, kidnappers, frog farmers, plastic surgeons (dude made a kidnapping victim a new ear from the cartilage from her rib. and they show it son!), police, and even the corrupt politician jader barbalho. barbalho was accused of siphoning millions of dollars for his own use from Sudam, a development program to help the poor in brazil’s amazon region, into a complex portrait of crime in sao paolo. mandala bala was recently named best documentary in sundance.

this film has a sick, SICK soundtrack as well. amazing brazillian beats from artists like tom and jorge ben.

aaaaaaaaaaaaand, it's almost monday. oh, monday...


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