Tuesday, May 5, 2009

karma police...

we've all heard, and probably said...karma's a bitch, what goes around comes around. but, that's not really what karma is all about.

karma is simply that we will continue to repeat the lessons, until we learn them. so, it's much like the idea of what goes around comes around, but not quite.

deep example for those of you who need it: one of my lessons is detachment. i detach and lose all sense of feeling and emotion when things get uncomfortably and highly intense. most people think i'm really calm, but i'm often just void. something i learned and has been ingrained in me from a very young age which at that point, protected me time and time again. but it has now become second nature. i don't even know i'm detached most times. and that is neither helpful nor productive. so my lesson is ever how to be present in the midst of personal turmoil. how to live in the uncomfortable as i do in the comfort.

so, i keep coming back to these moments, in many different forms/situations/experiences/people, some more intense than others, but always with same underlying theme. when something hits, i go tend to go void, thus saying and doing outwardly from a void place inwardly. and it's not like 'm always making bad or wrong decisions, which is why i often miss the connection. but, once the smoke clears and things have been set into motion, i think, why did this/that happen? why wasn't it like this/that? did i do something wrong?

side note: bad/intense/frustrating things don't just stop happening. your life isn't going to just change. shit happens, that's just life. sorry to break it to ya. what does happen, and this is where the real beauty resides, is that when we finally get the lesson, We change.

for me, through that understanding, i can then move through my life with a little more peace, a handle my intensities with a little more grace. i can't wait...

basic example for those of you who need it: let's take your average asshole. if you're always an asshole, they the universe will continue to bring you in situations where it triggers your assholeness until you learn to stop being an asshole. capish.

back to deepness:
sooooo, not necessarily what goes around comes around, but more what goes around keeps going around and around and around...until you stop it. once you learn that lesson, you step out of that viscous karmic cycle (that could have been following you for many many moons and many many lives) and move to a new level of consciousness and understanding. bettering and bettering your spirit self. ever forward...


sooooo, i challenge you to think about your karma, what lessons you find that you keep repeating. how can you break the cycle?

peace and blessings / love and light

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