Thursday, January 26, 2006

my my my myyyyyyyyyyyyyy corona...

yes, i wrote a blog about my car. so for all of you who knew me way back when, i used to drive this UT burnt orange 1980 toyota corona. yeah, like the beer. hey, it was the luxury addition so fuck you. i drove that car for 7 years and then gave it to my grandma when i got my honda. i loved that car. we had this connection... we're both wierdo's. well, my grandma just got a new fancy schmacy buick and she's selling my corona. i am so sad right now. here's a visual (just picture it burnt orange with lots of jesus stickers on the back):

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top 5 corona memories (and yes, these ALL actually happened):

5) driving a crazy colored car that every says matches you because of your personality

4) having to put into reverse to start it because of the short circuits

3) driving back to abilene from dallas when the timing belt broke while going up an intense 1/2 mile hill...lots of black smoke while rolling backwards down the shoulder

2) driving on the highway with sarah when the transmission fell off and was hanging on the car by the fan belt

1) driving in abilene when the steering wheel fell completely off and landed in my lap...classic

R.I.P to my brown bomber...

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