Thursday, February 2, 2006

letters from an inmate...

so i got a call from my dad today. well, step-dad actually but who deals with technicalities when its family right? a little background: my dad is a political prisoner who in 1983 was on the FBI's top 10 most wanted list, and was then caught and given 60 years on false charges. that's a brief version, if you really want to know more check here. he's been in jail my entire life, so all of the memories that i have of him always begin with him walking around that iron gate with that khaki uniform on. pretty trippy, but hey, we all have our own realities and that's mine.

anyways, he's been in the atlanta maximum security penitentiary for the past 10 years. well, today they moved him to florida. I realized that for the past 10 years, he hasn't been outside of an enclosed 2 mile radius. he's missed the birth of the internet and the cell phone among other things. but, for a couple of brief hours, while being transported from georgia to florida, he soaked up the last 10 years of LIFE while looking out of a bus window. when he called me, he said, "it was good to see freedom".


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