Monday, January 23, 2006

all my ex's left texas...

well i must say that ALL of my top 5 things to do at home were accomplished with great perfection! had a great time with my family and a couple of close friends. thanks to mom and grandma, i ate my ass off! all the southern comforts, and absolutely EVERYTHING homemade: fried chicken, fried catfish, home fries (what can i say, we like to fry shit in the south) biscuits w/ plum jelly, banana pudding, red velvet cake (my favorite), tex-mex, collard/mustard greens...ok, i'll stop there. i'm getting hungry just typing it...

everyone was great. my fantabulous family rallied and went to jefferson so that i could have a family dinner (i'm such the baby). daddy still has to eat through a tube in his stomach so he was pissed. tera and my 3 nieces were there, my brother chinua, my mom, my cousin mai-ling and grandma and daddy of course. my little nucleus. moms and i have a 2 day turnaround rate...which means after two days, we can't stand each other. and we say it out loud. gotta love mothers :-)

i got 2 awesome dresses for $5 at the goodwill. see, they have REAL goodwill prices, not like these shi-shi places in california.

in all my perfection i still missed good ole cali which is means i'm connecting. haha, when i was riding from the airport back into SF i had a mad crazy anxiety attack. i had been in TX where everyone drives (i mean, i saw not 1 pedestrian the whole week...seriously) and there's lots of land between things, and here i was back in the city where there's people everywhere and it's all compact. i had to have a moment :-)

so, here i am, back again...what's next?

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