Wednesday, April 21, 2010

snake in the grass...

sooooooo, i ran across my first snake of the season...YIKES!!! i figured i'm not the only one who could use some tips for dealin' with em:

get you some POWDERED SULFER

snakes can't stand the smell, as you'll find out when you open the bag :-/ now, many people will say it doesn't work, but the last year i saw a snake, i sprinkled the sulfer and i didn't see another all spring or summer. so, imma go with what i know.

what to do:
head to your nearest gardening center and buy a big bag of powdered sulfer. when you get home, sprinkle the sulfer aaaaaall along the perimeters of your yard and/or where you think they may be chillin'. and that's about it.

tip #1: snakes like to hide in cool and dark places like low shrubs, bushes and wood piles. also under houses so i'd sprinkle around the steps too, if your house is raised.

tip #2: make sure it's not going to rain the next day! (yes, you have to re-sulfer if it rains. don't be lazy, we're talkin' snakes man!)

tip #3: yeah, not a pleasant smell, but it'll go away. or you'll get used to it. whichever comes first.

tip #4: if you DO have to kill a snake, make sure you separate head from the body. if you don't, they may still be able to attack. (make sure it's a poisonous snake before you kill it! garter snakes are harmless and acutally helpful around the yard. they keep out mice, rodents, ect.)

and that's all i got. hope it helps!


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