Wednesday, December 7, 2005

past lives and home videos...

i was telling my friend zoe that i think i was a bird in one of my past lives. a beautiful, rare, exotic bird :-) maybe i was even called an "nzingha" bird. nah, that would be too cheesy. but, i know i always seem to get antsy when i stay in one place for too long, like i'm need to take flight and re-locate. see. yeah, i was a bird :-) you ever think about that? past lives? i'm reading a book about past life regressions. now, i'm definitely a skeptic, but it's quite interesting. many people have claimed to have gotten over life fears by finding out where the fears originated (another lifetime) and by doing so, letting them go.


in other news, sadly i cannot go home for christmas. the 1 year anniversary of "i haven't seen my family or been home" will be dec 27th. i miss them so. they really are to coolest people i know. so, since i can't be there, in a moment of utter genius, which i rarely have, i decided to make a home video for them! i work at a tv network, so it shouldn't be that hard to get help. right? so, i'm going to tape where i live, where i work, where some asshole did a hit and run on my front bumper, and all my friends here in SF. and then i'll do a special birthday jig for daddy (my grandpa) because his birthday is christmas eve.

yeah, it's going to be good. if the procrastinator in me will just stay at bay long enough for me to finish.

what are your holiday plans?? if you're in SF, let's get together, kiss under the mistletoe, sing some tunes, and have some rum with a little egg nog in it. but just a little egg nog, i don't really like it that much :-)


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