Thursday, December 8, 2005

college and care packages...

i just realized it's care package time :-) one of my favorite times of the year in college was right during finals. amidst all the late night study groups, cliff's notes, coffee binges and illegal papers from the internet (i was just looking for general direction...really) we would send out these letters to parents encouraging them to buy care packages for their students.
a care package is a box/bag of goodness filled with everything a student needs for finals.
stuff like:
and most importantly late-night studying junk food (my favorite was fruit roll ups. processed pressed fruit...yummy!)

all packed in a box/bag along with a nice warm-fuzzy note from the parent or friend who sent it.

yeah, i love care packages.

so for all you fellow crammers out there (and you goody two shoes who actually did your work on time and are prepared), here's your care package of love from me to you...GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!!!!


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