Thursday, February 28, 2008

an entourage marathon...

i love this show. love it. and i have a major crush on jeremy piven. don't hate...

soooooo, i was just going to post this link, as i am taking a quick break from the applications of jobs and schools, buuuuuuuut then i felt all chatty and ish.

first, check this link out. my girl allison sent it to me and it's just the best thing ever. and before you get your panties all bunched up at the title, let me say that if you know me, you already know.

in other news, i started a book club today! it has no name, but some ladies and i are each choosing a book and a month and for the next 6 months, we'll be reading each other's picks. at the end of the month we'll have a dinner and chit-chat about what we thought. i know, it probably sounds boring to you but i am SO excited.

(ps: i acutally stole the idea from watching the jane austen book club. good flick. check it:

and finally, while looking up grad schools with m.a.'s in counseling psychology (just a thought) i found this test, and having been a soc major, i luuuuuuuuuuv these. so if you have 10 min to blow off, check it out. i was a four. and it was pretty accurate. again, these are not the be all end all and some could be WAY off while others can be traits you haven't come into yet. either way, its always insightful if you allow it be...

at the end, make sure to write down what type you are. which ever type gets the highest number. you can read about it on the home page under "diagrams". then check out the next tab over "type desriptions".

ok, i gotta get back to it. hope you have a great day. it's 75 here...yessssssss!



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