Sunday, September 12, 2010

"positive vibrations, yeah..."

random thoughts of a sunday...

our universe and everything in it...every molecule, every atom, every sound, every light, every person, every movement, every touch, every action, every word, every made up of energy (life force).

basic quantum physics.

though we can't see it, this energy is constantly vibrating within and out of us, into the people and the world around, and in turn, the universe reflects back to us what we radiate out. you ever get a bad feeling about someone? you're vibing their energy. you ever get a bad feeling about about a situation? you're vibing the energy around the situation. when animals can feel your fear, they're vibing your energy. you ever know someone was near even though you couldn't see then yet? you were vibing their energy. and though some may have a more focused sense than others, we ALL have a natural intuition to the energies around us because we're all a part of a higher vibration. we are all energy.

now, don't mistake this for feelings and emotions (happy/sad or good/bad). these are things which can be effected by and can effect your energy if you let them. i can be sad about something and still radiate positive energy. how you choose to use/exert/guide your energy is truly up to you! and really, we're unconsciously doing this all the time (using/exerting/guiding our energies).

soooooo, stop for a sec and take note. what's your vibe at this very moment? is it positive? negative? high? low? is it one that you would like to receive more, or less of in return? is it one that you want to pass to those around you, or not? do you have no idea??? that's alright too! the point is take some time to be mindful of our Self. to be conscious of the things we do, how we doing them and the spirit/energy in which we do them.

because each of us is apart of the same energy that is vibrating in and through all, we have an effect on our world, and each other for that matter, that is so much deeper than we often realize.

is it possible for us to be a little more conscious of what we're bringing to the table?

love and light,

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