Monday, September 24, 2007

there’s a river flowing...

i deeply cherish moments of utter peace. especially of late. not just calm and quite peace, but a peace that comes from outside of my consciousness. for me it is usually only momentary, but serves to remind me that 1) maybe i am not insane after all, 2) i am slowly getting there. wherever there is. and 3) contrary to 1 and's not even about me.

today, while reading "the power of now" (great book by the way), i was overcome with such a peace, it moved my soul.

it rushed over me in a soundless infinite-part harmony of energy vibrating throughout my spirit.

whether you believe it or not, we are constantly exchanging energy (read the celestine prophecy). in our ultimate state, we EQUALLY exchange energy back and forth with each other and all things. i am becoming more aware of how much energy i give of myself and how much i take in from others.

today i was equally communing with Oneness. peace like this is a cycle of sorts. an exchange of energy between you and the universe. your energy goes out into the universe, the purest form, and comes back renewed by it's power.


what a blessing.

love and light.

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