Friday, July 27, 2007

damn. mama DOES know best after all...

i love my momma. we don't like each other all the time...but we love the hell out of each other. and even though we don't always acknowledge it, or even know it for that matter, we get each other in that way that no one else does. we're a lot alike she and i. yet not so much at all...

she wrote me the following email this evening and it just reminded me to not get so wrapped up in the emotion...when i can help it. which is probably more often than i think it is. most of the time you will struggle with it and a lot of times you will lose. you're human. but, when you can, when you can sift through all the mush and mess within and find that place where there is quiet and stillness and you are able to clearly hear what the spirit is saying to you...ahhh, that is lovely. that is where you will find your beginnings of peace. that is how you will survive.

peace and blessing / love and light

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Peace Babe, I love you. Be still and quiet. Please study Philippians 4:1-9 then continue w/10-13. Quiet your brain and listen to your spirit...everyone has their own way of grieving and transitioning, respect that. Learn all the lessons this situation has presented. Breathe very deeply and often. Get focused. You are a wonder/spirit/filled young woman. You are purposed to do great things. Don't get so distracted you loose your sight and forget to breathe.

I'm glad you're coming home too. I need to hug you and tight.
Love you Much, Mom

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