Thursday, January 4, 2007

question number 513...

compromise: an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc.,

having been an uncompromisingly independent person all of your life, purposefully and determinedly holding your ground in that regard and never do you compromise (for the better), for those you love, without feeling like you've given up a small piece of you independence? without feeling like your spirit has been defeated in some way? without feeling broken, just a bit?

i am rebelliously embracing the fact that my decisions no longer only affect me, but they affect those around me, and closest to me, as well; and i sometimes have to act/move forward/make decisions, with that in mind.

you don't know how difficult that is to me. a hard lesson for such a stubborn taurean woman.

but i DO get it.


PS: a good friend wrote me the following and it resonated (this person is one of those "salt of the earth" types to me. he's good people.): perspective is just mine tho. but... being an independent person means to me that you make decisions for your life based on what is important to you personally. when that means embracing and bringing another person into your life that means a lot to you, your decision to reach a compromise out of love for the other person and respect for them as people is an independent thought. therefore, i don't see it as a concession or sacrifice on your part because it adds to the quality of YOUR life. it is just as easy for you to is important to me is me and you are along for the ride....and that is another independent decision but a disrespectful one to yourself and the person you care about. it isn't sacrifice if it makes your life better.


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