Monday, November 20, 2006

dear momma, you are appreciated... mom will be here in app. 9 hrs for the first time since the 2 years i've been here. yeah.

it's kind of bitter sweet. we have this way about us she and i. we're VERY much alike and so we bump heads a lot. A LOT. but, i've come to realize that the things in her that irritate me are often the things in me. big dinner planned. lots of friends and family coming. should be good.

i always exlain her as a perfectly aged version of me.

life is moving along. still temping at delta dental and putting out resumes.

dating the most amazing man, and that's all i will say about that. but i might say it again. amazing man. yeah.

recently realize i can't go home for the holidays. 2nd year in a row. but life and responsibility calls. as i did last year, i'll be with an amazing family watching, laughing and loving. definitely not my family, but a good sustitute indeed. and an honor. so even though i'm bummed, i also know it 's going to be an amazing holiday season yet again...

ok, just a quick random update. i'm off to bed. gotta hit the gym in the AM. hope you have a good night. sweet dreams...


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