Tuesday, September 26, 2006


it's midnight and i want oh so badly to go to sleep. but i can't. have to pick up a friend from the airport at 1AM. therefore...i myspace. evil, evil addictive myspace. what have you done to me?!?!?!

but i digress...

i had my chart read earlier this eve. yep. i get my cards read once a month. aside from all the hocus pocus i know that we are definitely affected by the movements of the universe. and if you can find someone you connect with that can truly see "you", then hey, i'm down for the journey...

anyhoo, after getting my cards read, gina loaned me a book on - the taurus.

yeah, i'm a taurus. most notably known for our extreme stubbornness and being creatures of habit.

so, i flipped through and skimmed a bit. haven't really dug into yet but the first paragraph was pretty interesting. so of course...i share:


"taurus woman is the zodiac's barefoot contessa, a sort of tribal princess who embodies the combined spirit of regal immunity and pastoral naïveté. in every aspect, she is a "living doll"--an infinitely fun-loving character who approaches life with an unspoilt, childlike vision and in so doing, she freely spreads joy. taurus feels it her purpose to create a little bit of heaven here on earth, on one level procuring, and indulging in, as much epicurean delight as she might; while, on another, living as if it were a sacred right to do so. professionally, she tends to pursue careers that perpetuate her carefree sensibility, providing her a sense of play while offering amusement to others. though she is a materialist of the first order, she espouses simple luxuries, viewing wealth as a natural birthright, often dedicating herself to the needy, and particularly to children. her guileless glee and secure sense of self make others feel as if they're in the presence of a favorite baby-sitter. in truth, no other woman enjoys being a girl more than this eternal nymphet, the whole of whose existence is an exploration of the feminine experience--from trial to exaltation. her greatest goal in life is to be worthy of having lived it. as such, taurus seeks to surround herself with "quality" people: in a man she demands the full package--looks, personality, sense of humor, roguish charm, sexual ability, a boyish spirit, and a bankroll that could choke a bull--expecting to be cherished unerringly and in the extreme. her female friendships are an all-out celebration of womanhood, an often earthy-crunchy affair marked by mutual nurturing and a shared journey of self-discovery."

wow. really?

now, zodiacal interpretations are not necessarily a dead on descriptor. some things may even be completely off. but, there are definitely little bits and pieces of me in there somewhere...

what about you? what's your sign? are there any resemblances?


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