Wednesday, August 2, 2006

rubber baby buggy bumber...

top 10 reasons (but not in any particular order) this last 2 weeks has been beautifully chaotic:

10) drunken karaoke is the best...yes!
9) boat party for work-1 year anniversary of Current TV launch
8) my dad throwing a huge hip-hop summit in the prison where he is.
7) getting a promotion at work AND a little (LITTLE) more money.
6) going to motoGP with my girl Laina-loo!
5) modeling and singing for the freebox fashion show in my favoritest place - bolinas.
4) movie in the park (showing: raiders of the lost ark!!)
3) my boy michael tolcher performing in town AND finding out out top secret info...muahahahahahahaha!
2) ridiculous thievery corporation show. RIDICULOUS!!
1) almost equal but a little bit more ridiculous manu chao concert. best concert Ive ever been to. by far!

ok, just random info. hope you have a GORGEOUS week! be safe and be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

muito amor e muitos beijos...paz!

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