Tuesday, May 16, 2006

25 evolutions around the sun and back again...

today is my 25th bday...


mom called this morn and said "babygirl, the quarter-life never looked so good!"

thanks mom.

i wanted to take a moment to honor the people in my life; without you guys i wouldn't be the slightly well adjusted being i am today! i am daily thankful that the universe bestowed upon me its most precious creations in the form of my beautiful friends and family; both old and new.

the old grounds me deep in the roots of my past, and in doing so allows me to flourish in the new that takes me beyond the outer most realms...

you all constantly love me with all of my flaws, encourage me to do my best, challenge me to always move forward and calm the insanity within by allowing me to be; all the while keeping this stubborn bull in check (that damn taurus in me).

from the very depths of my heart...thank you.


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