Friday, April 28, 2006

thank god it's friday!

happy friday to all! these past couple of days have been quite fantastic if i do say so myself. and i just did. beautiful weather, which always elevates my spirit, and some good socializing with some fabulous new ladies i met. not necessarily new friends, just new energies prime for connection; especially because i was sensing that they had stories to tell. in general i'm usually pretty nosey right off. who cares if i never see them again, i don't like surfacey interaction. i like to know what makes people tick. it's quite intriguing...

i ALSO saw paul mooney do stand-up here in SF last night. he's been on the chappelle show but the coolest part to me was that he used to write for richard pryor. now that's sick. the show was ridiculous! he's so fuckin' raw and i loved it! my personal highlight you might ask?

paul mooney in the beginning of the show:
"i think we should kill all the white people. what if my momma was white? the bitch would be dead."

paul mooney at the end of the show:
"thank you white people for braving it and staying through the whole show."

to all my pigmently challenged friends, you know i love you, but that shit was funny. sorry bout it.

so anyways, i'm off to see my grandma this weekend and eat some delicious pakistani food, sleep all day and watch DVD's until the wee hours of the morn. which for me is like 11PM. :-)

whatever you do, wherever you're doing it and whoever you're doing it with...make sure you use protection. hahahaha. no, but really, have a great and safe weekend.

i'll see you on monday...


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